Marcus Well’s new book, “Seven Sounds of Thunder” will soon be available for purchase.

Jesus said, “nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” From the foundation of the world secret treasures in the Word of God have been waiting for a time such as this to be revealed.

The Bible is an amazing book. We read it each and everyday and there is always something more that we can learn from the Bible. We are living in the last days and knowledge certainly has increased just as predicted by the Bible. The knowledge is all here, the mystery of God is complete. “Seven Sounds of Thunder” reveals hidden knowledge from the Bible as well as God’s creation that completes the mystery of God. I know that just by making this claim will create doubt in the minds of many believers. But love believes all things. So test all things with the Word of God and don’t reject what could be from God without hearing it. For the Word of God is the narrow road that leads to everlasting life. “Seven Sounds of Thunder” explains mysteries that were considered to be beyond logic and unknowable such as the Trinity and time. How the atom is held together. How the omnipresence of God affects us. Where we are in the prophetic time line of the book of Revelation and what is about to happen before the rapture of the church.

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